Mosquito net: For doors & windows – protection in tents and on the campsite

Mosquito net – to protect against annoying mosquitoes! Enthusiastic campers know that when camping you are in nature from morning to night. It is inevitable that mosquitoes pop up every now and then, which take your time on the campsite can make an unpleasant experience. Especially in a place near a forest or lake, the little bloodsuckers like to come out. As soon as dusk has broken, you can hear the first mosquitoes flying around. So that you still have a carefree and carefree time in your Roof tent and enjoy nature, you should definitely get a mosquito net.

Outdoor camping: protection from mosquitoes

A soft hum next to your ear and itchy spots on the skin – who doesn’t know it? The nasty mosquitoes, which usually appear in the evening, have no mercy and sting as soon as a free area of skin shows up. Not only can this be annoying, but it can also spoil the fun of camping in nature.

Do you want to avoid constant itching and sleepless nights? Then you should definitely get a mosquito net for your tent or car tent. Most tents already have an integrated mosquito net and some caravan or roof tent windows are now equipped with a mosquito net. Nevertheless, it is advisable to purchase an additional mosquito net for your camping holiday so that you are protected as well as possible and can concentrate fully on your holiday.

Benefits of a mosquito net

  • Keeps mosquitos out at night
  • No annoying whirring
  • No itchy spots
  • Sleepless nights are avoided
  • Avoidance of disease transmission

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Mosquito net: size, structure & variants

Of course there are different mosquito nets that are more suitable for your vacation depending on your preferences, route and duration. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to the right size! Nets can be stretched over one or more mattresses or over the entire tent, which is why you should pay attention to both the correct width and length. A large net that can be stretched between trees and thus protects your entire living area is of course ideal if you set up camp on the campsite and plan to stay here for several days or weeks. It takes a little to set up, but it’s all the more worthwhile. The entrance usually consists of two overlapping ends, so that no mosquitoes can get inside, as long as you always make sure to close them.

Tip! Mosquito protection net from Campwerk

If you are still looking for an additional mosquito net for your tent or sleeping area, then you should take a look at the mosquito protection from Campwerk. This represents a complete inner tent, consisting of the finest mosquito gauze, and can be used, for example, in the sleeping area of your roof tent.

Warm & tropical regions: avoid diseases!

A mosquito net is not only practical to avoid annoying buzzing at night and itchy bites, but also useful to prevent possible diseases. More and more mosquitoes, which are carriers of diseases, live in very warm and tropical regions. In order to avoid fever and the like, you shouldn’t save on buying a mosquito net and, in the best case, even cover several nets.

Tip! A net directly above the tent also prevents mosquitoes from piercing through the tent fabric.

Reading Recommendations: Further Precautions & Protection

A vacation in nature is usually unpredictable and has a few surprises in store. A mosquito spray effectively keeps mosquitoes away, but if you also want to be on the safe side, you should take further precautionary measures. Alternatively, you can find more informative articles here to be prepared for anything and to be able to enjoy and savor your camping holiday as best as possible!

Mosquito spray: advantages & use when camping

Unfortunately, annoying mosquitoes cannot be avoided, especially in very warm and tropical regions. Especially in the evening, the small bloodsuckers often appear and can quickly turn your vacation in nature into an unpleasant experience. So that you can enjoy a carefree and carefree time even when hiking in the forest or by the lake as well as in the evening at the campsite, you should definitely have a mosquito repellent with you on your trip.

Emergency set: the must-haves in nature

Since you spend most of the time outdoors and on the campsite when camping, you are unfortunately not protected from mosquito bites, abrasions, sprains and the like. So if you get injured or get stung, it is important to have an emergency kit with you on every trip so that you can enjoy your vacation carefree and relaxed. Read all about the most important articles that should definitely be with you on the go!

Cleaning and household products

Even if you are on a relaxing holiday while camping, you still have to tidy up, clean and wash every now and then. Especially when you are on longer tours lasting several weeks, it can of course be the case that dishes and laundry have to be washed frequently. Therefore, you should definitely think of appropriate cleaning products and helpful household appliances in order to be able to enjoy a carefree holiday in nature. Here you will find helpful tips and information worth knowing.