Holidays in Austria: sights, ski areas and camping – Vienna, Salzburg & Co.

Holidays in Austria – If you want to go on a natural holiday with a lot of relaxation and recreation, but at the same time discover new places and experience adventures, then you don’t have to go too far away. Austria offers numerous picturesque corners and idyllic nature that is just waiting to be explored by you! From skiing in winter, sailing and hiking to historical sights, there is something for everyone here. What you should definitely do on your vacation here, which cities are recommended and why a camping holiday should be with you Roof tent or Tent trailer offers, you can find out here!

Holidays in the Tyrolean Alps, Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck & Co.

In order to take as much of nature with you as possible and get the most out of your holiday in Austria, you should grab your loved ones and go camping! With a roof tent on your car it is super flexible to travel, you can decide freely and spontaneously every day when to continue and where to go next. As a result, you are not only tied to a single place, but can also explore the whole country with its unique corners and highlights in the Alps, Graz, Vienna and Co.! Roof tents for 2 people are ideal for couples while roof tents for 4 or 5 people create space for the whole family! So if you have a Buy a roof tent there is a suitable tent for everyone!

Video: Insight into beautiful Austria

In this video you can already get an overview of beautiful, idyllic Austria! What kind of scenic highlights the Lad has to offer and what awaits you on your vacation here, especially on a road trip, you can see here right away!

Bucket list! 6 tips in Austria

Action, fun and adventure! What should I do when I am in Austria? Of course there is a lot of sightseeing that you should definitely do on your vacation here, but there are also some action-packed activities that Austria lends itself to. From surfing and sailing to hiking and skiing in winter, Austria has a lot to offer.

You should do these things in Austria:

  • Skywalk Dachstein (climbing, hiking or cycling)
  • Zipline Stoderzinken
  • Area 47: Largest outdoor amusement park
  • Sailing or surfing on the Achensee
  • Canoeing on the Drau paddle path
  • Skiing or snowboarding (ski areas in winter)

Map: Austria

Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe and borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The country has about 9 million inhabitants and is visited by numerous tourists from all over the world every year, both in summer and in winter.

By car to Austria

The popular holiday destination can be easily reached by car. If you start from Munich, you only need around 4 1/2 hours to the capital in Vienna.

Sights & highlights

What should I watch when I’m in Austria? Even if the country initially impresses with the beautiful landscapes that invite you to go hiking and cycling, Austria also has some cultural sights and highlights to offer that you should definitely pay a visit.

  • Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
  • Suspension bridge at the Olpererhütte
  • Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Eisriesenwelt in Werfen
  • Achensee: mountain lake in Tyrol

Vienna: Historic Schönbrunn Palace

The historic Schönbrunn Palace is located in Austria’s capital Vienna and is the summer residence of Empress Maria Theresa. If you are interested in history and culture, but are also romantically inclined, you should definitely stop here to take a guided tour of the magnificent halls. Then you can stroll through the huge park and possibly also visit the oldest zoo in the world, which is a world heritage site.

  • Summer residence of Empress Maria Theresa
  • Magnificent halls
  • Huge park with the oldest zoo in the world

Zillertal Alps: suspension bridge at the Olpererhütte

The spectacular suspension bridge is located in the Zillertal Alps at an altitude of 2,388 meters. From there you have a unique view over the crystal clear water that meanders along the gigantic glaciers. A hike here is definitely worthwhile for this view alone! But this bridge at the Olpererhütte is also known as a popular photo spot.

  • Spectacular suspension bridge
  • 2,388 meters
  • Panoramic view over glaciers and water
  • Popular photo motif

Salzkammergut: Picturesque mountain lake in Hallstatt

Probably the most picturesque and beautiful place in all of Austria: Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut! The clear mountain lake is located in the midst of huge peaks and a charming little village. Just because of the unique sight of the water, on which the sky is reflected, numerous tourists come to this scenic highlight in Upper Austria.

  • Clear mountain lake
  • Surrounded by peaks and a rustic village
  • The sky is reflected in the crystal clear water

Salzburg: Mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is also highly recommended. The landmark of Salzburg is a huge fortress from the 11th century and open to visitors all year round. Here you can comfortably stroll along on your own and marvel at and explore every corner of the imposing building.

  • Landmark of the city of Salzburg
  • 11th century fortress
  • Sightseeing tours all year round

Werfen: Ice giant world for the whole family

Another item that should definitely be on your bucket list is the world’s largest ice cave, which is located in Werfen. With a total length of 42 kilometers, visitors can marvel at the unique formations. This is also a special experience for children, which is why families in particular should visit the caves between May and October. However, since it is very cold down here, you should remember to dress warmly!

  • Largest ice cave in the world
  • Total length of 42 km
  • Particularly suitable for families with children

Tyrol: Achensee – Austria’s most beautiful mountain lake

Probably the most beautiful mountain lake in Austria lies above the Inn Valley in Tyrol. The Achensee is 133 meters deep and impresses with its radiant turquoise-blue color and the extremely high water quality. Many tourists like to go sailing or surfing here, which means that if you are also interested in water sports activities, you have the opportunity in Tyrol!

  • Most beautiful mountain lake in Austria
  • 133 meters deep
  • Turquoise blue water and high water quality
  • Suitable for sailing and surfing

Weather in Austria: temperatures & trend

The best time to travel to Austria is between April and September, as the average temperatures during this time are around 20 degrees. This mild weather is perfect for hiking and walking, but also for sightseeing and exploring the city. In the summer months around July it can be around 25 degrees, so that a beach holiday is definitely possible.

Of course, a vacation in winter is also worthwhile! Because of the picturesque landscapes with their wintry charm, but also because of the numerous winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding, tourists like to come here even in cold weather and snow.

Weather today / in three days

Accommodation: Hotel or Camping?

If you have decided on a holiday in Austria, you have several options when it comes to accommodation. Either you book a centrally located hotel with meals so that you don’t have to worry about anything, except for your daily planning. This allows you to see a lot in the area and saves you time that you would waste on cooking, for example. In a holiday apartment you have to cater for yourself, do the shopping and do the housework, but you save a lot of money, which you can then spend on activities and sights. If you decide to go on a camping holiday, you can design your travel route and your day completely freely and flexibly. Every day you spontaneously plan when to go on and where to go, so you can see a lot more of the country.

So my tip is: go camping!

Camping holidays: flexible, spontaneous & cheap

When camping, you are not tied to a single place, but can visit the whole country and the most beautiful places, cities and highlights. Camping is also a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, so you save a few euros that you can spend on your vacation activities. You experience the feeling of complete freedom and closeness to nature and can enjoy a relaxed and intense time with your loved ones.

Anyone who thinks that you have to forego luxury, hygiene and comfort when camping is wrong! With a roof tent, which is becoming more and more popular among passionate campers, you have a huge sleeping space ready anytime and anywhere, which can be unfolded in a few minutes and with no effort. The whole thing is available for 2-3 people, i.e. couples, or 4-5 people, i.e. the whole family! With the integrated mattress and ladder, the entire living and sleeping area is already finished and guarantees you a super high level of comfort! An additional highlight: through the panoramic windows on top of the tent, you can look wonderfully at the starry sky and the idyllic nature all around in the evening, which will make your vacation a unique and unforgettable experience.

Advantages of camping

  • Nature, freedom and intense time with your loved ones
  • Flexible travel planning
  • Spontaneous and free planning of the day
  • The most beautiful corners of the country can be explored
  • Sleeping place is ready anytime, anywhere
  • Tremendous comfort with a roof tent
  • Inexpensive travel option

Are you a camping beginner? Read here everything about the basics about packing list, route, costs, tips & Co.: Camping beginners!

Camping recommendations in Austria

So you can drive from one campsite to the next on your journey and take the top sights, points of contact and scenic highlights with you along the way. The most popular campsites are all located inland and offer clean sanitary facilities, leisure activities, possibly barbecue areas and a location on the lake. Here I have looked for recommendable campsites for you that score with their location, facilities and rating.

  • Grubhof Camping (St. Martin near Lofer)
  • Camping Neue Donau (Vienna)
  • Camping Innsbruck / Natterer See (Natters)
  • Camping Brunner am See (Döbriach)
  • Camping Seeblick Toni (Kramsach)
  • Camping Au an der Donau (Naarn im Machland)
  • Camping Ötztal Längenfeld (Längenfeld)

Quiz: Questions and answers about Austria

Which government does Austria have? How many people live in Austria and is Austria really that rich? Here you will find some questions that are often asked in connection with Austria, and the right answers directly.

What are the federal states in Austria called?

  • Vorarlberg
  • Tyrol
  • Salzburg
  • Carinthia
  • Styria
  • Upper Austria
  • Lower Austria
  • Burgenland
  • Vienna

What are the federal states and their capitals called?

  • Vorarlberg – Bregenz
  • Tyrol – Innsbruck
  • Salzburg – Salzburg
  • Carinthia – Klagenfurt
  • Styria – Graz
  • Upper Austria – Linz
  • Lower Austria – St. Pölten
  • Burgenland – Eisenstadt
  • Vienna – Vienna

Which government does Austria have?

The federal state of Austria is a parliamentary republic. The federal government with Kurz II is currently predominant. At the beginning of 2020, a joint government program was agreed in which even more female than male members were represented.

How many people will live in Austria in 2020?

According to statistics, 8,902,600 people, i.e. almost 9 million people, lived in Austria in 2020. This means that the population has increased by 0.5% compared to the previous year.

Is Austria really that rich?

In general, Austria is a richer country, but wealth is unevenly distributed among the people. While some people have very few possessions, others can have large fortunes.

What kind of country is AT?

The letters AT are the abbreviation for the country Austria.

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