Vacation in Denmark: Copenhagen, Blavant, Bornholm

Vacation in Denmark – The Scandinavian country north of Germany is often considered a bridge between Central and Northern Europe and is currently more popular than ever. More and more tourists are being enchanted and impressed by Denmark. The country stands for fresh sea air, open people and a very good quality of life. There is a lot to see and a lot to experience: Copenhagen, a pulsating and exciting metropolis with a beautiful old town and lots of shopping opportunities, charming and smaller towns for weekend trips, or natural places to relax and breathe deeply, which are perfect for hiking or Camping with Roof tent or camper suitable. We will show you the most beautiful holiday regions in Denmark so that nothing gets in the way of your holiday in the beautiful Scandinavian country!

Denmark: Scandinavian vacation by the sea

The Scandinavian country Denmark is known for its breathtaking nature. If you like nature, relaxation and revitalization are guaranteed in Denmark, because there are several nature reserves where you can bring body and soul back into balance. A holiday apartment is best suited for a nature holiday in the Scandinavian country, because this means you are free, flexible and have peace and quiet. Another and currently very popular option to enjoy nature to the full in Denmark is camping. Camping in tents in Denmark in particular offers an incomparable adventure.

Map and location in Europe

In the north, Germany borders on sweet Denmark, which is unfortunately all too often overlooked by many holidaymakers. The country extends over many islands and has coasts on both the Baltic and the North Sea. As a result, the landscape is characterized by dunes and port cities. The big cities of Copenhagen and Malmö do not disappoint either and offer inspiration to all fans of the Scandinavian style.

Camping holidays in Denmark: flexible, free, spontaneous & cheap

In order to be able to take all the beautiful sights and highlights in Denmark with you and get the most out of your vacation, you should definitely go camping! This allows you to plan your itinerary individually, are not only tied to a single place and can decide every day freely and spontaneously how your day goes and where you want to go next. When camping, you can enjoy your holiday and the Danish atmosphere in nature into the evening hours and spend a carefree and unforgettable time with your loved ones.

It is best to travel with a roof tentthat is already on your car and is therefore available to you anytime and anywhere. The whole thing is opened with just one hand movement and offers you in a few minutes an enormous sleeping and living area, which you can use at will. Depending on whether you are traveling with your partner or traveling with the whole family, there is the right tent for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people.

Advantages of a camping holiday:

  • Flexible travel design
  • Free and spontaneous daily planning
  • You’re not just tied to one place
  • Closeness to nature until the evening hours
  • Intense time with your loved ones
  • High comfort and luxury with a roof tent
  • Cost-effective travel option

Are you a camping beginner? Read here everything about the basics about packing list, route, costs, tips & Co.: Camping beginners!

Packing list for camping: checklist, tips & suggestions

In the meantime, you usually no longer go camping with the most necessary equipment. Instead, it may be a little more luxury. Instead of in the 2-person tent, it is more convenient to travel in the comfortable roof tent and also important outdoor equipment, such as chairs, table and loungers should not be missing on the campsite. Order is the be-all and end-all for you? There is also a practical solution for this when camping! So here you will find a checklist to have all the essential things with you during your camping holiday and to be able to design your time in the best possible way.

Top holiday regions in Denmark

A very nature-loving and adventurous way to spend a relaxing stay in Denmark is camping. In Denmark there are many camping regions and sites that invite you to camp and convince passionate campers and newcomers with nature. Camping allows you to be flexible, because you can organize your day as you want, including eating when you want, or just enjoying being “free”. The most popular holiday destinations in Denmark are the capital Copenhagen, the Blavant region and the Baltic island of Bornholm.

Copenhagen: capital city vacation

The beautiful capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is a recommended destination for a day trip or weekend trip as it has a lot to offer! The former fishing village offers everything you could want from a successful city trip in terms of sightseeing, food and leisure.

Probably the most famous sight in Copenhagen is the little mermaid. The tourist attraction is located at the Langelinie Pier and, with a height of only 125 cm, is the smallest landmark in the world. So if you are in Copenhagen you should definitely make a detour to see the Little Mermaid! The amusement park “Tivoli” in downtown Copenhagen provides fun and games for the whole family. A variety of roller coasters, rides but also concerts ensure an eventful day!

  • Camping in Copenhagen

The Scandinavians are known for their incomparable street style. Classic, straightforward and with a touch of casualness you can find the Danes on the streets of Copenhagen.

Blavant / Blåvand: holiday resort on the North Sea bay

Denmark is known for green dunes and beige sandy beaches. This is exactly what you get in Blavant. The grassy heights can easily be climbed on foot. Between them there are vantage points and disused bunkers from which the sea could be seen in the past.

  • Camping in Blavant

Blåvand is located directly on Ho Bay in the west of the small country. Strictly speaking, the place includes the westernmost point of Denmark, which is located directly on the beach. The kilometer long is also what makes the village so popular with holidaymakers, because here you can enjoy all the advantages of the North Sea.

Bornholm: island in the Baltic Sea

Equipped with various golf clubs and its own airport, the Danish island of Bornholm extends over almost 590 km² in the east. The best way to explore the island is by bike. A trip across Bornholm from west to east takes just under 1.5 hours. The small island is incredibly decentralized, so you can enjoy a lot of privacy and tranquility, because you won’t find a tourist center here.

  • Camping on Bornholm