Tent trailers

Tent trailers are the absolute space wonders among caravans. They pack down to a small size for transport and unfold in just a few minutes into an huge living space with an incredibly comfortable bed. After the road trip, the tent platform can be removed and presto: your camping trailer becomes a utility trailer that you can use around home. And you DON’T need a special driving licence to tow it! Whether you drive a compact, electric or off-road vehicle, the tent trailers from CAMPWERK make perfect travel companions.

Two sizes



The space wonder with a big bed. Quick & easy setup, add-ons for more room, ideal for first-timers.

The ECONOMY tent trailer is the smallest space wonder in our collection, ideal for veteran and first-time campers alike. On an ample floor space of nine square metres, tired travellers can look forward to a comfortable, sleep-ready king size bed.


floor space

approx. 1 min

setup time



only 450 kg

unloaded weight

up to 1,100kg


up to 1,475l

load volume

Setup in one minute

The tent trailer with ample space to sleep families of all sizes.


Whether small or large families, everyone has enough space to sleep here

With 11 m² of floor space in the main tent, the FAMILY tent trailer is perfect for small families. But it can also grow with your family by simply adding the annex tent, for a total floor space of 23 m². And you can also divide up the main tent, for example to create a separate room for the kids or a guest.


floor space

approx. 3 min




only 450 kg

unloaded weight

up to 1,100kg


up to 1,475l

load volume


Setup in three minutes

In only three minutes, the FAMILY tent trailer unfolds into a small camping residence. With enough room for the whole family.

Equipment features

Our recipe for camping made easy:

Take one on-road trailer from a renowned German manufacturer, which is packed with premium features and perfect for camping in Germany and neighbouring countries. To this trailer add sturdy mounting hardware and a fold-down tent, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a fun road trip!

More living space thanks to annex tent

Camping life mostly takes place in the outside area under the canopy. Whether you use it as a kitchen, dining room or just an additional living room, the CAMPWERK annex tent is always a practical accessory.

Extension tent

If you’re not staying in one spot for long, the main tent is probably all you need. But if you want to settle down for a few days, you won’t want to go without a spacious covered living area. On sunny days you can put up just the canopy to shelter from the sun and on cool days you can add side walls to make it cosier. This gives you a complete additional room.

Enjoy the starry skies

Healthy, restful, relaxing ...

Sleep is enormously valuable for us humans. We not only need this time for rest and relaxation, it’s the only way to fuel up on energy for the next day. A good sleep is crucial for our vitality and high quality of life.

King size bed

The best sleep with our comfort bed set

One of the most important features of our tents is the comfortable bed. It has a Visco memory foam mattress that adapts to the shape of your body, combined with the innovative Froli spring bed system, to round off the set for a perfect sleep.

Find out more about the comfort bed set


The tent cloth is a high-grade 450 g poly-cotton mix, also known as sailcloth or canvas. This is a material masterpiece that unites the benefits of a natural fibre with those of a high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and outstanding dimensional stability.

Find out more about our materials and workmanship
Find out more about our materials and processing

Combinable  trailer

Customisable trailers

Our tent trailers aren’t off the rack. We build them to your individual specifications in our factory in Bochum. Alongside the comfort of our ECONOMY and FAMILY tents, the trailer base is a big part of the fun on every road trip.


Ready for every situation with all the equipment you need.

The on-road model is ideal for all standard vehicles and road conditions in Europe. Starting with a hot-dip galvanised AL-KO chassis that tows very comfortably and an unbelievably solid aluminium trailer body that offers you as much storage space as four bathtubs. A big benefit: your trailer is perfectly equipped on holiday and when you get home you have a utility trailer to move your stuff around. And best of all, the trailer base comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Find out more about the on-road base
Find out more about the on-road base


There are no bad roads, only wrong vehicles. Raised up and ultra-rugged for street and terrain.

What to do when you’re travelling in countries with bad road conditions? Or if you drive an all-terrain vehicle or SUV with a coupling height that doesn’t fit standard road trailers? That’s easy: you choose an off-road tent trailer from CAMPWERK. Because this is a customised design that features a rugged, raised-up AL-KO chassis. Built on this chassis is a sturdy construction made of lightweight aluminium and solid stainless steel components!

completely made of light aluminum and robust stainless steel components!

Find out more about the off-road base
Find out more about the offroad basis
Standard inclusion equipment features


KÜCHENWERK camp kitchen

Good food is balm for the soul…

CAMPWERK has invested a lot of time in designing and improving its popular trailer kitchen – because as everyone knows, campsite life revolves around the kitchen.

Find out more about KüchenWerk
Find out more about Küchenwerk

More add-ons

Technical data




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