Skycamp Mini rooftop tent

The little brother

The SKYCAMP Mini is the little brother of the popular SKYCAMP rooftop tent. The SKYCAMP Mini offers the same quick setup (1 minute!) as the SKYCAMP, but has a shorter hardshell. Perfect for the loading bed or cabin of your pickup, for smaller vehicles or to save space on your roof for additional gear.

NEW! The third generation

Skycamp 3.0 Mini

The world’s most successful hybrid rooftop tent has been redesigned to make it even better. In addition to the new design with the dark gray canvas and the black tropical roof, the Skycamp Mini 3.0 convinces with proven and new features. 

Here is an overview of the most important news:

Even more space

The newly designed fiberglass hard shell has been redesigned from the ground up and now offers more space for sleeping bags or pillows.

Premium mattress

The new 9-zone mattress is now
40 percent  thicker than the Skycamp 2.0 and has an additional insulating layer for colder nights.

Attached faster

Compatible with a wider range of crossbars plus easier assembly without having to reach under the roof tent.

New closure

With the new fasteners, the roof tent can also be closed better on roof racks with little space.

Window roll up

With the new roll-up quick opening system, the windows can be operated from inside the roof tent.

Detachable ladder

If the roof load is tight, the ladder can now be released with a flick of the wrist and transported in the car to save weight.

Tie rod pocket

There is an additional pocket in the entrance  area to always have the tie rods ready for use.

Brushed logo

The new logo in a high-quality matt metal structure brings even more class to the roof tent.

Cable outlet

A passage was installed in the aluminum floor to easily lay cables inside the roof tent.

World map

World map and mattress design in dark gray and new, high-quality quilting.

Accessory rail

New accessory rail with stronger eyelets and piping strip with higher durability.


All zips have been replaced with top quality YKK zips.

But with all the innovations, the main features and the simple structure of the Skycamp Mini remain of course! By the way: The popular Skycamp Mini 2.0 roof tent remains available.

Skycamp Mini

The SKYCAMP Mini rooftop tent from iKAMPER offers plenty of space for up to two people.

In seconds the iKAMPER SKYCAMP car rooftop tent unfolds into an astonishingly comfortable living space that can be used in all kinds of ways. No more crawling around on the floor and fumbling with tent poles like you did with your old camping gear. As easy to mount as a roof box, this tent sleeps up to 2 persons, thanks to the unique fold-out design.

A car roof tent is an especially good choice if your trailer hitch is already being used by a boat trailer, horse trailer, etc.

Sleeping area

Up to 2 people


roof tent and ladder


In around 60 seconds


Cotton inner tent

Packed size

(LxWxH) cm

Tent base

glass fiber reinforced Thermoplastic honeycomb panels

The most important things at a glance

Size of the sleeping area

The roof tent offers enough space for two people. The sleeping area measures approx. 130 x 210 cm (W x L).


Because it should be easy, quick and uncomplicated: the roof tent is ready for use and set up in around 60 seconds.


The roof tent weighs only approx. 57 kg. The ladder is detachable. In this way, the weight can be reduced by approx. 6 kg.


The hard shell of the Skycamp has a special air zone between the outer and inner shape, which insulates the inside of the roof tent from noise and cold.

Coverage and pack size

The robust fiberglass hard shell design reduces drag on the road. When folded, the tent measures approx. 217 x 140 cm (L x W) and is 33 cm high.

Tent base

The floor is made of aluminum honeycomb panels. This makes it particularly stable, very light, fireproof, fully recyclable and offers an additional layer of insulation.

Car roof load

The required car roof load is at least 60 kg. This topic is extensive, so there is more information in our FAQ .

Tent fabric

The high-tech material is breathable, impregnated and extra tear-resistant. The dense fabric darkens - for extra restful sleep. The stitching thread expands after the first contact with water and seals any stitching holes.


Panoramic skylight + 360° view through large windows on each side of the tent.

Setup in one minute

In just a few seconds, the SKYCAMP Mini rooftop tent becomes a huge comfortable berth on the roof of your car. Perfect for taking a nap …

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Super spacious

Quilted insulation lines the interior of the SKYCAMP Mini, which reduces condensation and features iKAMPER’s signature world map, a symbol of our shared love of travelling the world.

Perfect ventilation

The SKYCAMP Mini rooftop tent has big windows on all sides, so you can enjoy the view from up top. All the windows have sturdy, close-mesh mosquito nets, a waterproof layer that can be closed from the inside and special canopies that allow for ventilation even during heavy rain showers. A unique feature: the two panorama skylights that give you an amazing view of the stars by night and keep the tent nice and bright during the day. And if you like to sleep in, of course you can close the canvas flaps on the windows from the inside.

Aerodynamic hardshell

The streamlined design of the SKYCAMP Mini hardshell not only reduces wind resistance on the road. This unique fibreglass hardshell has a thin layer of air trapped between its double layers. This not only makes the hardshell tough stuff, but also insulates the interior of the tent against outside noise and the cold.


ROCKY BLACK hardshell

Like its big brother, the SKYCAMP Mini is now available with the new ROCKY BLACK finish, which is a matte-black LineX coating. This gives the rooftop tent a rugged look that cuts a fine figure not only off the road.


We are 4-season campers!

Winter camping is way cool! And thanks to our innovative inner tent, nothing can hold us back! But if you like it nice and cosy in the tent when the temperature drops below zero outside, in our accessory shop you’ll find everything to warm a camper’s heart – from space heaters to heated blankets.



An upgraded version of iKamper’s original annex tent, the Annex Tent Plus offers even more space and is self-standing. This means the car can be moved while on vacation. The five openings on the different sides offer even more space. The additionally available inner tent allows an additional sleeping cabin to be integrated into the living room. The Extension Tent Plus is downward compatible for older roof tents.

Inner tent

Breathing, sweating and cooking produce a great deal of water vapour, which causes condensation to form on the inside walls of the tent, especially on cold nights. To deal with this issue we developed the CAMPWERK inner tent. You simply attach it to the tent poles and presto: you’ve got a double-walled rooftop tent. The inner tent is made of 100 % cotton and has zip openings on all sides for optimal ventilation on hot days.


Add-on tent

Whether you use it as a kitchen, locker room, shower or just an extra room – the annex tent is always a very practical addition.

Thanks to its zip-on floor and fully enclosed walls, the annex tent keeps damp and rainy days where they belong: outside! Of course, having an annex tent has many benefits in nice weather too. Available for SKYCAMP & X-COVER.


The awning makes sure you and your family are cool and dry on the campsite. It is quickly zipped to the tent, giving you a spacious covered area that keeps your living room and kitchen in the shade or out of the rain. Can be used for SKYCAMP & X-COVER.

Materials and workmanship

Tent cloth

The tent is made of high-grade 300 g poly-cotton fabric, also known as sailcloth or canvas. This is a material masterpiece that unites the benefits of a natural fibre with those of a high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and outstanding dimensional stability.

This material, which is also used by the military, is watertight and extremely tear-resistant. All the seams are sewn with special thread that expands the first time it comes in contact with water to tighten any stitching holes in the fabric.

Tent base

The floor of the iKAMPER SKYCAMP rooftop tent is made of aluminium honeycomb panels. This is a material with unbelievable stability which is at the same time very lightweight. It’s fireproof, environmentally friendly (as it is fully recyclable) and also offers an insulation layer for the sleeping area of the tent.

Other equipment features


iKAMPER is constantly improving its products. They’re not only built for fine weather – they have to withstand the most extreme conditions so that you can enjoy your adventures without any worries. Here are some new innovations.