Good Vibes

New! The first roof tent with hard shell from CAMPWERK!

Good Vibes

New! The first roof tent with hard shell from CAMPWERK!

A lot of space in a small area

With the many advantages offered by CAMPWERK’s first hard-shell roof tent, you’ll always be in a good mood when camping: easy and quick to set up, extra headroom, more views of the surroundings than ever before, and all this on a footprint that doesn’t exceed that of your car.

Good Vibes

The weatherproof hard-shell roof tent for + 2 people

With the Good Vibes, you can effortlessly and quickly transform your car into a four-season camper. For the roof tent to open, only the fastening buckles need to be loosened – gas pressure dampers do the rest. Under the sturdy hard shell is room for two adults and another small person or a dog. Sleeping bags or pillows can always stay in the tent. Even if you close it. This way, your sleeping space is ready for immediate occupancy and even short overnight stops on a long trip no longer cause stress. Learn more about the many possibilities that the car roof tent offers you.

Sleeping area

2,5 persons


Roof tent 68 kg + 6 kg ladder


approx. 15 seconds

Packed size

144 x 210 x 34
(LxWxH) cm

Car roof load

min. 75 kg

Tent fabric

Poly-cotton blend fabric

A hard-shell rooftop tent gives you a solid roof over your head and opens up to a footprint no bigger than your car roof.

Fast assembly

It takes about 15 seconds to set up the Good Vibes. Simply unfold, fluff up the pillows and the roof tent offers you everything you need for a restful night!

The Good Vibes hardshell roof tent at a glance

Size of the sleeping area

The roof tent offers enough space for two adults and a child. The sleeping level is about 133 x 200 cm (W x L).


It's never been faster: The roof tent is ready for use in 15 seconds.


The roof tent weighs 68 kg + 6 kg ladder. The ladder is removable and travels with you in your luggage if needed.

Coverage and pack size

The robust fiberglass hard shell is approx. 34 cm high. When folded, the tent measures approx. 210 x 144 x 34 cm (L x W x H).

Car roof load

The required car roof load is at least 75 kg. This topic is extensive, so there is more information in our FAQ .

Tent fabric

Dense cotton blend fabric was used to make the tent. The material is water repellent and blackout.


Roof tent with hard shell - and soft core

Good sleep is important (to us). Especially on vacation, when we all want to relax. That’s why in Good Vibes you lie on a comfortable mattress that invites you to snuggle in with its quilted, soft surface. Another advantage: the elevated sleeping place on the car roof perfectly protects you from ground cold.

Why not open the windows first thing in the morning and enjoy the view from your cozy bed in the roof tent! With this mattress, no back pain will chase you outside – only your adventurous spirit.

Free space in all directions

The spacious 2-person roof tent not only gives you a wonderfully airy feeling, it actually offers so much headroom that you can sit comfortably in your roof tent even as a slightly taller person. So you can not only enjoy a coffee sitting on the edge of the bed, but also retire to the tent to play cards or change clothes.

Hard shell roof tent: a solid roof over your head

The roof of the hard shell opens vertically, so the roof tent does not extend beyond the footprint of your car (unlike folding roof tents). Lying comfortably in your bed, the Good Vibes provides a stable roof over your head. The Good Vibes hard-shell roof tent opens with the help of integrated gas pressure dampers for an especially easy and quick setup. This makes it easy to open and close without effort


Weatherproof in any season

To make camping in the roof tent fun in all four seasons, the Good Vibes is equipped with thoughtful details to protect against wind and rain: rain canopies can be placed over all four windows so that it does not rain into the roof tent. Not even if you open the windows for ventilation.

Ready for occupancy

Setting up the Good Vibes is particularly quick and easy: open the latches, lift the lid of the hard shell slightly – the integrated gas pressure dampers do the rest. If you have already stowed your pillows and sleeping bags in the roof tent, your sleeping place is now immediately ready. Just quickly set up the ladder and you’re ready to move into your roof tent. It is self-standing and does not need to be braced.

starry sky

Do you know how many little stars there are? The headliner The image of many well-known constellations. So when clouds obscure the stars at night, you can look for – and find – Orion, Scorpio and other constellations in your own rooftop sky. Luminaires on night firmament the stars bright and clear, your roof tent sky even helps you to recognize the constellations in the night sky.


Rain canopies over all openings, large windows and entrances that can be completely darkened, fully opened or closed only with a mosquito net. In addition, gas shock absorbers that make it easier for you to open the hard-shell roof tent. But that’s not all! Exterior zippers also make it easy for you to zip on accessories to the roof tent. Two loops on the hard shell help to fold the tent back from the ground. Additional securing on the hinges of the gas pressure dampers provide additional stability. A car roof tent with so many advantages causes one thing above all: good mood!


The hard shell of the Good Vibes is coated with an extremely resistant coating against scratches, stone chips and rust. The durable surface of the hard shell is thus able to withstand the most demanding requirements: it is designed to withstand most climatic conditions, is UV resistant and always keeps your roof tent looking good.

Material and workmanship


For the tent fabric we have chosen a tear-resistant and water-repellent poly-cotton blend in the color olive green. Color accents in red on the zippers and window hem give the Good Vibes a fresh look. The rain canopies over the windows are made of water-repellent polyester, the hard shell made of GRP is sealed with a particularly resistant and scratch-resistant coating in black matte. The bottom is made of lightweight but extremely strong honeycomb plastic.


We didn’t compromise on the mattress and made sure you sleep as comfortably as you would in your bed at home. The foam is a good eight inches thick and the soft, quilted mattress cover makes your bed extra cozy. So no crackling or rustling will keep you awake at night. Instead, the cover provides warmth and a pleasant feeling of sleep. When you sleep in the sleeping bag, you won’t slide back and forth thanks to the pleasant feel of the cover.
The starry sky with diamond-shaped quilting provides additional insulation.

More features

We at CAMPWERK are constantly developing our products and build roof tents that are not only suitable for nice weather, but for all four seasons. Besides, you should sleep comfortably and enjoy your vacation even on long trips.

Technical data

Frequently asked questions

Will the rooftop tent fit on my car?

The roof tent can be mounted on any vehicle that has a dynamic roof load of at least 75 kg. You only need two cross braces/load carriers. The roof tent is simply attached to the crossbars or roof rack with the provided mounting brackets. We do not recommend mounting directly on a roof rail, as the distance to the roof is very small and the screws used could cause scratches. So you need crossbars/load carriers even with a roof rail.

We are happy to offer you suitable carriers for your vehicle directly at the time of purchase.

But with me the roof tent weighs too much?

For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg. However, this specification refers to the load during driving! When stationary, the weight acting on the roof may be significantly higher.
Remember: In the event of a rollover, the car must be able to lie on its roof.

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