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Welcome to the billion-star hotel...

ADVENTURE rooftop tent

Elevate your adventure! No other CAMPWERK tent brings you closer to the starry skies – in a cosy, comfortable berth atop your car or trailer. The ADVENTURE rooftop tent is our first choice when we want to just hop in the car for a weekend getaway and leave our weekday stress behind us. It’s all about the fun here – and easy handling.

Dachzelt Adventure Grau aufgeklappt auf Mercedes G Klasse
Dachzelt Adventure Grau aufgeklappt auf Mercedes G Klasse

ADVENTURE rooftop tent

The ADVENTURE car roof tent transforms your vehicle into your own mobile home

Because the ADVENTURE rooftop tent unfolds in mere seconds into an astonishingly comfortable living space that’s ready for use any way you like.

With the included ladder you have easy access to the capacious car roof berth with its comfy, high-quality mattress. And on the road – whether you’re heading to green (or blue) nature – its small packed size makes it barely noticeable on your roof.

NEW! The storage net is now a standard inclusion. Super sturdy and specially designed for the ADVENTURE rooftop tent, it gives you all the extra storage room you need.

sleeps 2-3


approx. 1 min.

setup time

two widths

140 / 165 cm

up to 240x160

sleeping area


packed size

approx. 60kg




approx. 1 min.

Construction time

two widths

140 165 cm

up to 240x160

cm lying area

approx. 60kg

Light as a feather


cm pack size

A car roof tent is an especially good choice if your trailer hitch is already being used by a boat trailer, horse trailer, etc.

Setup in one minute

In just a few seconds the ADVENTURE rooftop tent unfolds into a huge comfy berth on top of your car. Perfect for taking naps…

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Equipment features

Small packed size, huge bed

With the included ladder you have easy access to the capacious cartop berth with its comfy, high-quality mattress. And on the road – whether you’re heading to green (or blue) nature – its small packed size makes it barely noticeable on your roof.

Enjoy the starry skies
Thanks to two panorama skylights

Bright and airy all-round

The ADVENTURE rooftop tent has big windows on all sides, so you can enjoy the view from up top.

All the windows have sturdy, close-mesh mosquito nets, a waterproof layer that can be closed from the inside, and special canopies that allow for ventilation even during heavy rain showers. A unique feature is the two panorama skylights that give you an amazing view of the stars by night and keep the tent nice and bright during the day. And if you like to sleep in, of course, you can close the canvas flaps on the windows from the inside.


More living space with the annex tent

Whether you use it as a kitchen, locker room, shower or just an extra room – 

the ADVENTURE annex tent is always a very practical addition.

Thanks to its zip-on floor and fully enclosed walls, the annex tent keeps damp and rainy days where they belong: outside! Of course, having an annex tent has many benefits in nice weather too.

We are 4-season campers!

Winter camping is way cool. And thanks to our innovative inner tent, nothing can hold us back! But if you like to be nice and cosy when the temperature drops below zero outside, you’ll find everything to warm a camper’s heart in our accessory shop – from space heaters to heated blankets.

Inner tent

0 ml

average amount of water vapour produced by a person every night

0 %

breathable! Inner tent made of 100 % cotton

Breathing, sweating and cooking produce a great deal of water vapour, which causes condensation to form on the inside walls of the tent, especially on cold nights. To deal with this issue we developed the CAMPWERK inner tent. You simply attach it to the tent poles and presto: you’ve got a double-walled rooftop tent. The inner tent is made of 100 % cotton and has zip openings on all sides for optimal ventilation on hot days.

Storage net

NEW! Now Included

You can never have enough storage space! That’s why we designed the new storage net for the ADVENTURE rooftop tent. Inspired by the cargo holding systems used in airplanes, this new and extra sturdy storage net under the floor gives you the extra space you need for stuff like camping chairs, dog toys or your laundry. The ADVENTURE storage net is an indispensable addition to your rooftop tent.

New !

Materials and

Tent cloth

The tent is made of high-grade 300 g poly-cotton fabric, also known as sailcloth or canvas. This is a material masterpiece that unites the benefits of a natural fibre with those of a high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and outstanding dimensional stability.

This material, which is also used by the military, is watertight and extremely tear-resistant. All the seams are sewn with special thread that expands the first time it comes in contact with water to tighten any stitching holes in the fabric.

Tent platform

The tent platform has a fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb core. This type of material is characterised by its high bending stiffness, exceptional strength to weight ratio and outstanding flatness – perfect for on the roof of a car.

The tent poles can also hold their own: made of anodised aluminium with solid stainless steel components. This state-of-the-art finish confers excellent corrosion resistance and a pleasant feel.

Further features


At CAMPWERK we’re constantly improving our products. They’re not only built for fine weather – they also have to withstand the most extreme conditions so that you can enjoy your adventures without any worries. Here are some of our new features.

Technical data

ADVENTURE rooftop tent

Tent sizes



Living space
140 cm
165 cm
290 cm
Highest point
approx. 130 cm
Sleeping level
138 x 240 cm
163 x 240 cm
Annex tent
130 - 220 cm
approx. 190 cm
approx. 215 cm
approx. 220 cm
Packed down tent platform
140 cm
165 cm
120 cm
Height (incl. ladder)
42 cm
approx. 60 kg
approx. 68kg

Frequent questions & answers

Will the rooftop tent fit on my car?

Our rooftop tents can be mounted on almost any vehicle that has a dynamic load of at least 60 kg. All you need are 2 crossbars or a roof rack on your car. The rooftop tent comes with mounting hardware that makes it easy to attach. But mounting DIRECTLY on roof rails is not recommended, as these are too flat and the bolts could scratch the paint. So you’ll also need crossbars or a roof rack even if your car has roof rails.

We will be happy to include the right load carrier for your car with your order.

But doesn’t the rooftop tent weight a lot more with me in it?

Most cars have a dynamic load of between 75 –100 kg, but this is the weight your car can handle while driving! When the car is parked, the static load applies, which is considerably higher. Think about it: the car roof would have to support the weight of the car if it overturned.

You can find answers to many frequently asked questions in our FAQ section



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