About us

Camping was then, clever camping is now. With the amazing solutions and innovations from CAMPWERK.

But the real question is: How can you travel the world your way, with the most possible mobility and the least amount of money and work?

A mobile home or caravan will cost you an arm and a leg. But sleeping in a tent on the ground is uncomfortable and usually a lot of work. And hotels and holiday resorts don’t give you the freedom to stay where you want.

That’s what we’re talking about here: goose bumps and the open road, feeling free and unencumbered, discovering new things, conquering unknown territory and pitching camp wherever you like. In just a few minutes, with a flick of a wrist you have a big tent ready for you – complete with a floor, windows and a kitchen inviting you to relax and dream. Car roof trailer tents from CAMPWERK aren’t about work, just fun.

They’re comfortable, unbelievably roomy and very sturdy. We put a lot of thought into making them – down to the smallest detail – and test them many times in everyday use. So they withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. And something we’re especially proud of: Despite our unrivalled low prices, we offer our CAMPWERK trailers and tents with lots of top-notch features and accessories included.

We’ve prepared everything for a perfect road trip.

Now it’s your turn…! Welcome to CAMPWERK…