Cargo utility trailer


One trailer, a thousand possibilities: CARGO – the versatile and robust transport solution for everyday life and leisure.

Whether you use your CARGO mainly for professional purposes or for moving your sports equipment from A to B, you’ll be very happy with its rugged design and high material quality for many years.

Adapts to your needs

Short orlong / flat or high / narrow or wide / open or closed …

find out about the countless customisation options.

Decide for yourself and put together your trailer with exactly the measurements you need for your purposes. Choose practical features such as the foldable lid, individual hinges, integrated security rails or special lug holes for your rims.

Bring colour into play: trendy black with contrasting colour details to match your towing vehicle, e.g. your off-roader. And with the extensive accessories from the CAMPWERK range, such as canisters, transport tubes, spare tyre or bicycle racks, your CAMPWERK CARGO will be truly tailor-made.


Motorcycle trailer

The camp & bike solution for motorcycles and quads

Our recipe for camping made easy: It’s finally here, the long-awaited camping solution for motorcyclists. CAMPWERK, the specialist for tent trailers and car roof tents, now offers tent trailers that can load up to two motorcycles or a quad. Many bikers don’t want to go without their bikes during their well-deserved camping holidays. And in the past there was no practical solution for this dilemma – until now!

The CAMPWERK BIKE trailer functions as a transport trailer, and when you combine it with one of our rooftop tents it becomes a fold-out caravan that can sleep up to 8 people. This innovative caravan gives you a customisable cargo space for transporting up to two motorcycles (so your partner can also bike) or a quad. With the automatic lift, loading the bikes is a breeze. Once they’re rolled onto the sled and they’re pulled electrically up and on to the trailer bed. Without any risk of tipping and without much effort! By the way, the tent can also be removed and used as a rooftop tent on a car.



The highest standards

In addition to products for the leisure segment, CAMPWERK also makes special off-road utility trailers for government agencies like the fire brigade, police, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, civil protection crews and the military.

Developed exclusively for the KORPS COMMANDO TROEPEN special unit of the Netherlands

Tactical Cargo

The TACTICAL CARGO transport trailer from CAMPWERK.

The demands on military equipment are uncompromisingly tough. Our exclusive TACTICAL CARGO transport trailer is designed to be just as tough. With its versatile mounting and attachment systems and huge load capacity, it’s the state-of-the-art all-rounder for armies and government authorities, but also for special outdoor operations such as expeditions or material transports.

Thanks to the height-adjustable and powerful drawbar, the TACTICAL CARGO can also be pulled with a “heavyweight” and comes with a spare tyre included. The coupling can be changed from NATO to standard ball & coupler. The perforated aluminium plates allow for tools and equipment to be mounted on the outside of the trailer. Add a CAMPWERK camp kitchen and the TACTICAL CARGO is ready for all kinds of missions!

Configure your dream trailer

Configure your own tent trailer with help from our video camping experts.

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