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We are currently receiving a very high number of inquiries.
Our support staff will process your message and forward it to the appropriate department if necessary.
Please understand that processing can currently take up to 10 working days.
We try to give priority to time-critical inquiries that concern your vacation.

Please help us by selecting your question from one of the following points:

Do you need a spare part or accessory?

Even with the best products, you sometimes need a bit of assistance or a spare part. The comprehensive CAMPWERK service is there for you. You might be able to find the spare part you need in our spare parts shop.

Couldn’t find the right spare part?

If you’re looking for a specific spare part, please fill out the following service request and we will help you as soon as possible.

Are you interested in a new rooftop tent or tent trailer, but still have questions about it?

Phone consultation

CAMPWERK brings its consulting service from the Showrooms straight into your home. From now on, fans of the van lifestyle can also get their consultation by phone, on products like our rooftop tents and tent trailers. Which rooftop tent is right for me and my car? Is the small sleeping area enough or do I need the large one?

What used to only be available at our showrooms or at trade fairs, CAMPWERK is now offering you at home: a personal consultation from our camping experts. Our highly trained staff will inform and consult you on the phone on all questions and wishes about our van life products.

Ivar van der Leij

Your CAMPWERK camping expert

We’re also happy to call you back

Since we don’t rely on a call centre but rather on personal consultation by our camping experts, there may be slight delays due to a large number of calls. Just ask to be called back as soon as the next colleague is available again.

Do you need help with damaged parts or have questions about a repair order?

If your CAMPWERK travel companion is damaged or has a problem, our specialised customer service is there for you. In order for us to process your request as quickly as possible, please fill out the following service request form to create a service request with us.

Would you like to receive a free brochure with a price list?


The CAMPWERK brochure offers much more information and details about our products. And of course with a current price list. If you prefer the feel of paper, we’d be happy to send you our current brochure in print, free of charge.

Do you have any questions about your order or its delivery time?

If you’re already waiting for a product, we can very much relate to your anticipation. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about our logistics services.

Completion is based on the delivery conditions in the order. As soon as the goods are ready for dispatch or collection, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

If your delivery is already overdue, you can contact our logistics service by using the form below.

We ship our rooftop tents via our logistics partner Kuehne & Nagel. Transportation usually takes up to five working days. Unfortunately, there is no shipment tracking of forwarded freight. But the shipping company is required to contact you by phone one day before delivery, in order to schedule the delivery with you. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with direct contact to the delivering logistics company.

If your delivery has already been on its way for more than five working days, please inform our logistics service by using the form below.

Completion is based on the delivery conditions in the order. You will receive a DHL package with the vehicle registration document and the final completion date 2 weeks before completion. Due to the InTime production, we can only announce the final completion date 2 weeks before the trailer is finished.

If your delivery is already overdue, you can contact our logistics service using the form below.

CAMPWERK – submit a logistics request

Are you interested in selling our products?
Do you have any other request and would like to contact us?

Do you have an inquiry that doesn’t match any of the above categories? Then our customer service representatives will definitely be able to help.

Maike Bruckardt

Your CAMPWERK camping expert

By e-mail