Roof top tents

A roof tent on the roof of your car gives you exactly the freedom you need on your camping vacation: Wake up on the beach in the morning and be the first to put up your kite? Under the midnight sun, choose the snowy mountain pass as your sleeping place for the night?

Just do it!

We will be happy to advise you if you want to buy a roof tent. And you will also find a large selection of matching accessories in our store.

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Not all roof tents are the same. But which one is right for you? Each type of roof tent offers you different advantages and features. To give you a good overview, here are the most important facts!

Folding roof tents

Folding roof tents most closely resemble a classic tent. They come without a hard shell and are protected by a soft cover. This makes them lighter, which can be an advantage especially when the roof load is tight. Folding roof tents open in the shape of a dome or tent roof and thus offer you, in relation to the rather small pack size of the roof tent, a large sleeping area that can accommodate several people. The entrance to our folding roof tent is also weather-protected from below.

Hard-shell roof tents in the vertically opening version are among the classics among roof tents and are ready for occupancy within seconds. This roof tent does not require anything to be folded down or set up. Opening the hard shell is all you need to do to get your sleeping space ready. Unlike folding or hybrid roof tents, the sleeping area doesn’t open up beyond the footprint of your car – an advantage in small parking lots or when you want to move on quickly, like on a road trip.



Hybrid roof tents combine the best of two worlds: The hard shell provides excellent weather protection in wind and rain and insulates well against cold and noise. When you unfold the roof tent, the sleeping area expands beyond the size of the hard shell, similar to a folding roof tent, giving you even more space. Especially those who travel with several people will be happy with a hybrid roof tent.

Wedge roof tents also belong to the hard shell roof tents. However, they do not open vertically, but at an angle of about 45 degrees. This stable wedge shape makes it very wind resistant and withstands even the most adverse weather conditions. The assembly of the wedge is incredibly fast.

Wedge roof tent

Important to know:

Whether a hard-shell rooftop tent, hybrid rooftop tent or other rooftop tent is your favorite. Decisive for your purchase is which Roof load is permissible for your car. You are unsure? Don’t do it. We know exactly which roof tent can carry your car. Just talk to us, we are happy to advise you!

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Configure roof tent individually

Camping is not for everyone? Wrong: With our tent configurator you can easily put together your own tent.
The way you need it for YOUR adventure.

Why we love roof tents:

Quick and easy to unfold and ready to use in seconds, your roof tent will accompany you on any trip: from a micro-adventure with the family to a road trip around the world. And whether you choose a hard-shell roof tent or a folding roof tent, buy one for 4 people or solo travelers, whether it has to fit on a Dacia Duster or a VW Bulli – in our roof tents you will always be comfortable, dry and enjoy the most beautiful view from the roof of your car.

Your advantages in any of our roof tents: