Roof tent vacation: Germany & Europe – camping for couples or families

Roof tent vacation – The vacation season is approaching and you want to spend a relaxed, but at the same time adventurous vacation with your loved ones? In order to be able to completely switch off from everyday life and enjoy the feeling of complete freedom and closeness to nature, a roof tent vacation is only recommended! With a roof tent you are completely flexible in your travel planning and planning your day and have a comfortable place to sleep at any time. Tip! If you don’t have enough space, you can easily get another one Tent trailer hang on the back.

Roof tent vacation by the sea, lake or in the city

Whether with your partner or your partner in one Roof tent for 2 people or with the whole family in one Roof tent for 4 people – You are definitely guaranteed a carefree, relaxing and luxurious vacation when you get a Buy a roof tent want. The handling and the assembly is made super easy in just a few minutes, you can set up your sleeping space anywhere and it is still super comfortable and enormous. This allows you to go on longer, multi-week trips with a roof tent and travel to all regions in Germany or Europe that you absolutely want to see.

Advantages of a vacation with a roof tent

  • Flexible travel planning
  • Individual and free organization of the day
  • Love of nature and freedom
  • Spontaneous stops and breaks
  • Inexpensive travel option
  • Comfortable and large sleeping and living area
  • Space for the whole family
  • Set up in a few minutes and with no effort

Holidays in Germany

With a roof tent you are not tied to a hotel or a holiday apartment, but can plan a longer route with several stops and thus see as much of the world as possible. If you want to go on vacation in Germany, you can, for example, pick out several cities and design your perfect vacation trip. Camping is not only suitable for couples, it is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Camping by the sea: Baltic Sea & North Sea

If you love not only the scenic nature but also the sea, a camping holiday along the Baltic Sea or North Sea . Wake up in the morning not far from the beach and first go for a swim. If that doesn’t sound like a nature lover’s dream! Here you will find some tips and inspiration for popular travel destinations with a roof tent by the sea.

Camping in Bavaria: Popular Places & Lakes

The region around Bavaria just invites you to go camping! Picturesque landscapes, mighty mountains and forests as far as the eye can see. Pure nature awaits you here. The numerous campsites are all very natural and centrally located, so that you can start the day, for example, with an exciting hike or a walk with a panoramic view. I have summarized recommended places, inviting places and popular lakes for camping here.

Popular lakes for a camping holiday:

Popular places in general:

Inland camping: forests & cities

Apart from regions by the sea or lake, there are also other beautiful corners in Germany that are definitely worth a visit. Perhaps one of the following travel destinations is on your itinerary, so that you can plan a short stay here as well?

Vacation in Europe

You don’t have to stay in Germany for a camping holiday. It can also go a little further away if you want! Europe has some beautiful cities to offer, which are ideal for camping due to the scenic highlights. Here you will find all regions that are particularly suitable and all cities that should definitely be on your to-do list!