Roof tent shop: buy models, accessories and tent trailers

Roof tent shop – Are you a passionate camping fan? Then you know that you can never have enough outdoor gear. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy a roof tent or rather one Tent trailer prefer – in our shop there are not only a few different models for you, but also suitable accessories for your vacation.

Roof tent shop: models & sizes

In the Campwerk Shop you will mainly find our roof tent models, which are suitable for up to 5 people. If you only travel as a couple and one Roof tent for 2 people then the Skycamp Mini is recommended. This is also often used by solo travelers! Are you traveling with a child? Then the Adventure roof tent is ideal, which is even available in two different sizes (140 x 240 cm or 165 x 240 cm). If you are planning a family holiday with two or three children, either the Skycamp 2.0 or the X-Cover, which each have a lying area of over 2 x 2 meters, are worthwhile.

All models can also be put together in our roof tent shop according to your wishes and preferences. Here you can find out everything about the Roof tent configurator !

You can purchase the following models in the roof tent shop:

  • Skycamp Mini (1-2 people)
  • Adventure roof tent (2-3 people)
  • Skycamp 2.0 (4 people)
  • X-Cover (4-5 people)

Buy a roof tent

If you want to buy the right roof tent now, you can go to the shop here to find your suitable model and configure it individually.

Further accessories and outdoor equipment

In addition to roof tents, there are of course other accessories that are useful for camping holidays. Here you can browse the roof tent shop for helpful equipment for a carefree, relaxed and unforgettable camping holiday:

Extra space on a camping holiday

If you are traveling with several children and there is not enough space in the roof tent, you can also buy a tent trailer that can be attached to the back of the car. This space can then be used for sleeping, cooking, playing, relaxing or for other uses. For additional living space, an extension tent or an awning is also useful, which you can then easily set up on the campsite. This is particularly recommended on very long trips.

The following accessories are available in the shop:

Offroad tent trailer folding caravan Family CAMPWERK

Equipment for the campsite

Especially on trips lasting several weeks, it is nice to sit down together at the campsite in the evening and relax. Foldable camping furniture such as camping chairs, camping tables and, if necessary, a camping bed are very practical. You should also consider getting a camping kitchen and accessories so that you can cook with it. Depending on whether you are traveling in summer or winter, heating, air conditioning or a fan is appropriate.

Not to be forgotten is order on vacation! In the roof tent and on the campsite, you can easily create storage space using suitable boxes or wall cabinets and thus enjoy a carefree, structured holiday.

You can find these accessories in the shop: