Roof tent Mercedes Benz: Travel with the Mercedes G-Class, GLA, EQC, GLB & GLC

Roof tent for Mercedes Benz A, C, E and G Class – Traveling with your own car, one Tent trailer and Roof tent can become an affordable adventure that you are sure not to forget anytime soon. With off-road vehicles in particular, you can take your portable home to the most exciting places that no hotel can offer you. Roof tents fit on virtually any car roof with the appropriate carriers, so you can use whichever one Car model , travel with a roof tent. Mercedes Benz is also suitable for this adventure, especially all-terrain off-road models such as the G-Class or the GLB. Read more about models and possibilities from Mercedes Benz here and prepare yourself optimally for your next trip by car and roof tent! Would you like the right roof tent for your Mercedes? Whether as a single person or with a family, here you will find the ideal roof tent for 1 – 2 people , 2 – 3 people , or for up to 4 people .

Which roof tent fits my Mercedes?

If you want to buy a roof tent for your Mercedes Benz, there is good news! In principle, every roof tent fits every Mercedes model. As mentioned in our article too car brands As described above, roof tents can generally be mounted on almost any car. From the mini to the VW bus, as can be seen in the example here. Before the roof tent is firmly attached, a roof rack is first installed. Read more about:

And now directly to the Mercedes Benz off-road models, for real camping adventures.

Mercedes Benz Offroad: Camping with G-Class and Mercedes GLB

Mercedes not only stands for sedans of the luxury class, but also for Offroad Acton: The flagship of the Mercedes brand has been produced and continuously developed since 1979: the Mercedes G-Class. The off-road vehicle offers a mixture of off-road and lounge feeling. But meanwhile the G-Class is no longer the only off-road model from Mercedes. The entire GL series can be used for more difficult terrain such as the GLB. There are of course a wide variety of equipment and engine options, depending on the wishes of the buyer. Mercedes advertises its cars with a very high quality standard and comfortable interior design. So if you want to start your next camping holiday with a roof tent in a comfortable yet adventurous way, this is the right place for you.

Popular Mercedes Benz off-road models are, for example, the G-Class, the GLB, GLS or the Mercedes GLE Coupé, with the G-Class being the automaker’s off-road figurehead.

Mercedes G-Class: off-road vehicle with tradition, power and comfort

The G-Class from Mercedes is probably one of the best-known and most renowned cars in the off-road sector. The off-road vehicle has been continuously developed since its inception, and yet little has changed in terms of design and look, only the technical performance continues to be optimized. The G-Class scores points above all for its robustness and performance, which is combined with comfort inside the car. Thanks to G Manufaktur, for example, you can now have your G-Class designed to suit your own individual needs.

  • Power: 210 – 430 KW / 286 – 585 PS
  • 0 – 100 km / h: 5.9 s
  • Top speed 199 – 220 km / h
  • Consumption (combined): 8.7 – 13.1 l / 100km
  • Gradeability: up to 100%
  • Lean angle: up to 70%

The G-Class is used by Mercedes as a figurehead for off-road vehicles and is still the only model at Mercedes Benz that stands for 100% off-road performance. With this unique selling proposition, the expectations of the G-Class are naturally high. In this video you will receive a review and a driving report from professionals who take a close look at the G-Class and report on the performance and capabilities of the Mercedes SUV.

Mercedes GLB: compact SUV with performance for off-road

The Mercedes GLB has been on the market since 2018 and is officially advertised as an SUV, but thanks to its off-road driving program, it also offers appropriate safety off-road. Above all, the Mercedes GLB impresses with its compactness, a large, variable load compartment and a widescreen cockpit, so that you will not miss any highlight on your next road trip. In addition, the GLB is very spacious for its relatively small size and offers a lot of space. Like almost all Mercedes Benz models, the GLB is also available with an AMG engine. The advantage here: Roof racks are standard on the Mercedes GLB – the perfect basis for our roof tents! Compared to the G-Class, the GLB scores above all with a significantly lower price segment and almost 50% lower fuel consumption (depending on the engine).

  • Power: 100 – 225kW / 136 – 306 PS
  • 0 – 100 km / h: 9.9 – 5.2 s
  • Top speed: 197 – 250 km / h
  • Consumption (combined): 5.8 – 7.5 l / 100km

In this video you can find out what the GLB can actually do, up to which rough terrain it can hold out and what the professionals say about this SUV from Mercedes Benz. Here, experts put the Mercedes GLB through its paces and give you a driving report and information, as well as prices for the model.

Best-selling models: Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and the GLC

The best-selling Mercedes Benz models include the C-Class, the E-Class and the Mercedes SUV GLC. Above all, Mercedes stands for quality, durability and comfort – at least that’s what they say. In fact, many models from the German automobile manufacturer confirm this obituary. It is therefore not surprising that Mercedes is represented with a few models in the ranking of the 50 best-selling cars in the world. The three most successful car models in terms of sales are briefly presented below.

C-Class: Sedan with dynamism and progressiveness – the Mercedes classic

The Mercedes C-Class is definitely one of the more luxurious sedans in the stable of the German car company. Despite, or perhaps because of, its high quality, the C-Class sedan ranks 19th among the best-selling car models in the world, making it the absolute best seller from Mercedes – whether as a sedan or station wagon. Above all, it impresses with its simple yet high-quality design and a certain elegance that cannot be ignored. The Mercedes C-Class is undoubtedly one of the most popular sedans in the world.

  • Power: 85 – 375 KW / 116-510 PS
  • 0 – 100 km / h: from 9.8 – 4.1 s
  • Top speed: 205 – 290 km / h
  • Consumption (combined): 1.4 – 10.6 l / 100km

You can find out what the Mercedes C-Class sedan has to offer in this video, in which experts take a close look at the Mercedes and take an extensive test drive.

E-Class: luxury and comfort for the road

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is one of the most luxurious models that Mercedes offers. The C-Class is particularly popular around the world as a limousine, whether for chauffeur-driven trips, as a company or private car. Here, Mercedes relies above all on design, look, performance and comfort. If you drive an E-Class, you shouldn’t lack anything. Just like most of the other Mercedes models, the E-Class is also available with a sporty AMG engine. If you strive for luxury, comfort and prestige, you won’t go wrong by choosing an E-Class from Mercedes. It is available with both a sporty and a dignified interior design. The E-Class can now also be obtained as a hybrid or electric car.

  • Power: 118 – 450 KW / 160 – 612 PS
  • 0 – 100 km / h: from 9.8 – 2.8 s
  • Top speed: 222 – 300 km / h
  • Consumption (combined): 1.4 – 11.6 l / 100km

Anyone who opts for an E-Class has to dig deep into their pockets. You can find out in this video what you get for the very high purchase price.

Mercedes GLC: all-terrain SUV with a dynamic and compact design

Like the entire GL series from Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes GLC is one of the all-terrain SUVs. Compared to the G-Class, however, these models should appear more compact and dynamic. They are designed even more for comfort and the ability to cut a good figure with them both in city traffic and off-road. Basically, the GLC is not an explicit off-road vehicle, but can also be equipped with an off-road package if desired. It is an all-rounder that should make many car enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster.

  • Power: 120 – 275 KW / 163 – 510 PS
  • 0 – 100 km / h: from 9.8 – 4.1 s
  • Top speed: 205 – 270 km / h
  • Consumption (combined) *: 1.8 – 12.3 l / 100km

In this, experts have taken a close look at the GLC 2019 and report on the first drive and the driving experience. In this video you can find out what the GLC is capable of and what the Mercedes SUV has to offer.

Roof tent recommendation for your Mercedes Benz, whether G-Class or GL model

A roof tent is the perfect holiday companion and makes you even more flexible and spontaneous in your adventures. Fortunately, you can mount such a roof tent on almost any car roof, including Mercedes models. You can choose from the following variants and sizes of roof tents:

  1. Adventure: 2-3 person roof tent
  2. Skycamp: 1-4 person roof tent
  3. Skycamp Mini: 1-2 person roof tent
  4. X-Cover: Additional sports equipment for up to 4 people

Adventure: 2-3 person roof tent

With no other tent from CAMPWERK you are so close to the starry sky. In the comfortable sleeping space on the roof of your car or trailer. The “Adventure” roof tent is our favorite solution when we spontaneously want to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind us at the weekend by car. It’s all about the fun here—and easy handling.

Skycamp: 1-4 person roof tent

No matter whether you want to spend a nice weekend in nature with the family in a small car, or experience adventures in an off-road vehicle and discover the most remote places in our world. The iKamper Skycamp roof tent impresses with its easy handling and enormous comfort and offers space for up to 4 people. It is therefore ideal for a carefree and relaxed camping holiday with the whole family.

Skycamp Mini: 1-2 person roof tent

The Skycamp Mini is the little brother of the popular Skycamp roof tent. The Skycamp Mini offers the same quick setup (1 minute!) As the Skycamp, but it has a shorter hard shell. Perfect for the loading area or pickup cab, for a smaller vehicle or to save space on the roof for additional accessories.

Can it be a little smaller? Even mini on mini, with top comfort! Read more here:

X-Cover: Additional sports equipment for up to 4 people

The next revolution in roof tents! Until now, the space for additional sports equipment was exhausted with a roof tent. The new iKamper X-Cover opens up completely new possibilities. The X-Cover is an all-rounder.

Assembly, construction and tips

Anyone who has decided on a roof tent or is still thinking of getting one should of course also be informed about assembly and construction. Basically, the construction is quite simple and can be carried out quickly, but you will find out what to do with assembly and construction, which other car brands are compatible with roof tents and what a tent trailer is all about.

  1. Assembly and construction
  2. car brands
  3. Roof tent alternative: tent trailer
  4. Buy a roof tent: model, structure and correct dimensions

Assembly and construction

Roof tent construction – How do you assemble roof tents on cars and how do you set up your roof tent later? You can find the answer here! As already described at the beginning, roof tents can be mounted on almost any car. From the mini to the VW bus, as can be seen in the example here. Before the roof tent is firmly attached, a roof rack is first installed. A look behind the scenes!

Car brands at a glance

Out into nature again? With a roof tent on the car, you are on the road immediately, whether alone or with the family. Roof tents offer a lot of space, depending on the model, for up to 3, 4 and even 5 people. And right in advance, a roof tent fits almost every car model, all you need is a cross member / base member. Here is a list of many models:

Roof tent alternative: tent trailer

More flexible? Have you ever thought about a trailer tent? We’ll give you a little tour of our huge family tent trailer and introduce you to all the features of this gem. We will also show you the small but subtle differences to the economy tent trailer and explain why a tent trailer is at least as good a variant as the roof tent at the end of the day.

Fancy your own tent trailer? Then design your dream tent in our configurator and get a non-binding offer:

Buy a roof tent: model, structure and correct dimensions

Sleeping on the floor is something for beginners. More and more campers are buying a roof tent for their car. Such a purchase is associated with many questions. “Can my car take that?” “What size do I need?” We explain all of this and more in our article.

Tip! Did you know that it takes less than 1 minute to set up? Read more about the roof tent construction here.

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