Hiking poles: length, size & advantages when camping – different variants in the test

Hiking sticks – As a passionate camper, you like to be with yours often and often Roof tent or Folding caravan on road? Then you know that you spend most of your camping holiday in nature. No matter whether in the evening on the campsite or during the day on excursions – you experience the feeling of complete freedom and closeness to nature and can switch off completely from the stressful everyday life in the open air. If you would like to explore everything that the idyllic area has to offer, you should take appropriate hiking sticks with you for longer walks and hikes. But of course there are differences in length, size and material. Here you will find all the information you need to know that will help you buy the right hiking poles.

Relaxed excursions in nature

Have you decided to go camping and have another holiday full of adventure and exciting experiences? Of course, you want to do and see as much as possible in one day, but at the same time approach it as relaxed as possible. To get the most out of your time in nature, you should pack hiking sticks so that you can easily keep up even on longer trips. Your knees are also relieved by less effort with hiking sticks and an upright gait is explicitly encouraged. But which hiking sticks are recommended? When do they make sense and how much do they cost?

Advantages of walking sticks

  • Additional hold on longer and steep trails
  • Increased surefootedness on uneven terrain
  • Useful when crossing rivers
  • Reduced effort
  • Relief for the joints
  • More upright gait = better breathing

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Different models & variants

From long tours to steep climbs, hiking sticks are useful companions that should be on your packing list! There are of course different variants and models that differ in size, material and design. Depending on the purpose of use, the length of your excursions and your budget, you can decide on the right hiking poles for you and your nature vacation.

Variants: foldable or telescopic stick

Foldable walking sticks in particular are very popular among experienced campers. These can be easily transported and stowed in the backpack and, if necessary, simply taken out and unfolded. However, this does not make them very flexible in length. When buying, you should make sure that the hiking poles are exactly the right size when opened.

Telescopic poles are also recommended. These are pulled apart during use and fixed in the correct length. This allows you to individually adjust which length you need for yourself and the respective situation. The whole thing is fixed with internal clamps. These are not as easy and quick to use as external clamps, but they do offer a smooth surface on the outside so that you cannot get stuck anywhere.

Foldable walking sticks:

  • Advantage: easy to transport and stow away
  • Advantage: Quick and ready to use
  • Disadvantage: the length cannot be adjusted flexibly

Telescopic poles:

  • Advantage: Simply pull apart and fix the appropriate length
  • Advantage: internal clamps ensure a smooth surface
  • Disadvantage: higher acquisition costs

Material: Light, stable & practical

When it comes to material, you should use aluminum, titanal or carbon. Depending on which regions you are traveling in and which hikes and excursions you are aiming for, one or the other material is more or less recommended. Carbon is a bit more expensive, but super handy and light, which makes a long hike very pleasant. However, they are also very sensitive and can quickly break through with very high loads or careless use. Aluminum sticks, on the other hand, are less sensitive to normal use and are therefore particularly advantageous when used frequently.

You should use these materials for your hiking poles:

  • Carbon
  • aluminum
  • Titanal

You should pay attention to this when buying

If you have now decided to get hiking poles for your camping holiday, then you should pay attention to other important aspects in addition to the variant and the material in order to find the perfect poles for you and make your excursions in nature an unforgettable experience close.

  • Correct size of the sticks
  • Suitable material (carbon, aluminum or titanal)
  • Corresponding variant (folding or telescopic stick)
  • Loop for proper hold
  • Comfortable grip (foam or cork)
  • Plate at the bottom of the stick
  • Rubber buffer for the tip

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