Gas cooker: catering when camping – quick, easy & practical

Gas cooker – camping stands for relaxation, adventure and spending time with loved ones. Coziness and eating together are accordingly part of it. Those who camp, however, want to enjoy nature and the scenic flair and hardly go out to eat in a restaurant or snack bar, but rather cook as much as possible on the campsite self. Especially if you are familiar with the Roof tent travels, but also if you may already have one integrated kitchen in your Caravan it still makes sense to have a camping stove with you. A gas stove is definitely recommended as the number 1 tip for quick and easy cooking so that you can enjoy a carefree and carefree holiday.

The number 1 tip for quick & easy cooking

So that it is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, you should get yourself a gas stove for your camping holiday. Whether a day trip, a short weekend trip or a multi-week trip – a gas stove made your camping life much easier. From coffee for breakfast, pasta for lunch or pan-fried dishes in the evening – the gas stove can help and allows you to cook almost anything your heart desires. This allows you to relax and enjoy your time on the campsite and prepare a delicious meal in between with your loved ones and start the day right away with a freshly brewed coffee.

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Gas cooker: features & benefits

Since the gas cooker is very robust but still handy, it can be easily transported, stowed and cleaned. Of course, there are different versions of camping stoves that differ in size, features and functions. Depending on your budget, travel destination and duration, you can choose one of the models that is ideal for you and your holiday in nature. You usually only need a gas cartridge that can be easily inserted into your stove. Either way, a gas stove is a must have on the campsite – both as a passionate permanent camper and for occasional campers and newcomers.

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Advantages of a gas stove

If you have now decided to buy a gas stove for your vacation, life in nature will be made a lot easier for you. Here you will find all the advantages that an outdoor camping stove offers you on the go.

  • Relaxed cooking on the campsite
  • Robust and stable
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Ready to use at any time
  • Easy to transport and stow away

Delicious dishes & recipes for the campsite

Do you still need inspiration and tips on what you can cook with your camping stove? Many people mostly only think of pasta and rice, but you can prepare a lot more with a basic set of non-perishable foods! Take a look at the following video, in which you are shown 3 delicious dishes for the gas cooker.

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