Drive-on wedges: For caravans or mobile homes – brands, variants & advantages on the campsite

Ramps – If you like to go camping and with the camper , Folding caravan or Car tent When you are on the road, you should definitely think of drive-up wedges in addition to the most essential equipment! These prevent your car from rolling away and can be especially effective on uneven ground campsite make sense to align it properly! So that you don’t roll out of bed at night or your plates slide off the table, you should definitely take suitable wedges with you so that you can enjoy a carefree and carefree time at the campsite.

Drive-up wedges for motorhomes, caravans or VW buses

When you go camping, ramp wedges are important companions that should definitely be on your packing list. Nothing is worse than arriving at the campsite in the evening and then realizing in bed that the car is crooked. Not only when sleeping, but also when sitting together and cooking together, an uneven position of your car is disadvantageous. You can prevent this directly by taking drive-up wedges with you at the beginning of your journey and simply positioning them directly under the tires of your car when parking.

Advantages of drive-up wedges:

  • Even out uneven ground
  • Prevent the car from rolling away
  • Even leveling
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store and transport

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Application, tips & additional wheel chocks

Before you use your drive-up wedges, you should make sure that your car is on as level a surface as possible. In the end, the wedges should only take care of the subtleties and compensate for slight misalignments. Next, you should use a spirit level to set up the wedges accordingly so that you only have to drive up slowly. You should definitely make sure not to run over them! In the best case scenario, someone will navigate you while driving to achieve the perfect alignment and position.

Especially if your vehicle is very crooked or, for example, on a slope, additional wheel chocks are recommended as an additional leveling aid. To completely stabilize your tires and prevent them from rolling, you can put the corresponding wheel chocks at the end of the tires after you have positioned your car on the drive-up wedges.

How to use your drive-up wedges correctly:

  • Park on as level a surface as possible
  • Use a spirit level
  • Position the wedges in the appropriate place
  • Slowly open up and let it navigate
  • Use additional wheel chocks if necessary

Video! Align and support the caravan

If you would like to take a closer look at the whole thing and are still looking for tips for the optimal parking of your car, especially on uneven ground, then you are welcome to watch this video to get instructions for your next camping holiday.

Different variants & models in the test

Of course, there are numerous different models of drive-up wedges that differ in size, shape and load. Depending on whether you are traveling with a mobile home or car tent, you should find out in advance about the appropriate wedges that are best for you and your camping holiday. In the best case, these consist of two individual ramps so that even leveling is possible.

Before buying, you should definitely know the weight of your car and adjust the maximum load on the wedges accordingly. It is also important to know the width of your tires, as they should not be larger than the ramps. The length and shape of the wedges as well as the number of steps available also play a major role in the purchase. The longer the wedges are, the more precisely you can adjust how straight and even your car will be at the end. The number of steps also regulates the stability of the entire car. Therefore, you should first check carefully which drive-on wedges are suitable for your car and, depending on the route and region, estimate what length and shape would be best.

You should pay attention to this when buying the right drive-on wedges:

  • Weight of your motor home / car
  • Load limit of the wedges
  • Width of the tires and accordingly the wedges
  • Length or height of the wedges
  • Shape of the wedges
  • Number of steps of the wedges

Recommended brands: Fiamma, Thule, Campwerk & Co.

Even if you have found the right size and design for your drive-up wedges, the question usually still arises as to which brand is the best and which one is most suitable for your vacation. Here you will find some recommended brands that are ideal for your mobile home, trailer tent or car with roof tent and are guaranteed to give you a carefree holiday in nature.

These brands are recommended for drive-on wedges:

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