Caravan: advantages, features, costs & tips – flexible camping

Caravan – If you are still looking for an inexpensive way to go on vacation, where you can switch off completely, enjoy the peace and quiet in nature and experience the feeling of complete freedom, then you should definitely go camping. If you don’t necessarily have one Buy a roof tent want a little more space for your outdoor equipment, such as one Camping chair , a Tarp tent and a Camping kitchen you can easily drive off the car and attach a caravan to the rear. This gives you enough space and storage space to take all your equipment and everything you need for camping with you and you can plan your trip individually and flexibly.

Flexible & spontaneous camping with a caravan

Camping is now becoming more and more popular with young and old who want to escape the daily grind and try something new again. When camping, you can choose between the simplest variant with a car and the classic one tent , one Trailer tent , a comfortable Roof tent , Camper or choose a caravan. Either way, you can design your travel route as you wish and you are completely free to plan your vacation. Especially if you are on the road for a longer period of time, we recommend a caravan that you can stop at any time when you feel like it and that you don’t need to set up anything great to sleep. In addition, you not only have all your camping equipment with you, but in the best case even have a built-in kitchen and Toilet .

If you have to go shopping, you don’t have to take your entire caravan with you, you can simply uncouple it and simply drive off with the car. A caravan is therefore the ideal companion when camping in nature! But what does a good caravan actually cost? What are the best models and which driver’s license do I need?

Advantages of a caravan

  • Individual travel arrangements
  • Spontaneous stops and breaks
  • Flexible to uncouple
  • Integrated kitchen and toilet
  • Sleeping place is always ready
  • Sufficient space and storage space

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Buy or Rent? Costs, features & benefits

If you want to buy a caravan, you have to plan around 18,000 to 20,000 euros. In this case, there is no equipment included. If you have the essential basic equipment like trailer hitch and additional mirrors, if you plan, you pay another 500 to 1,000 euros more. In addition, of course, there is fuel for on the go and other useful equipment, such as one awning , Mosquito nets for door and window, if necessary one heater or Air conditioning. You also need to have camping furniture, the basic accessories, such as Sleeping bag and mattress , possibly a Awning and especially dishes think for your kitchen.

These are the costs you will have to pay with a caravan:

  • Around 18,000 euros basic price
  • 500 to 1,000 for essential accessories
  • Important equipment in and on the caravan
  • Fuel on the go
  • Costs for parking spaces and camping sites

So buying a caravan is not exactly cheap. However, you have to keep in mind that you have your own house with kitchen, bathroom and bed with you, so to speak, and therefore save yourself the costs of expensive hotel rooms. Even if camping with a caravan is an inexpensive and practical option in the long run, you can consider borrowing or renting a caravan first to see if camping with a caravan is something for you at all.

Checklist: basic equipment in the caravan

You should think of these additional essential accessories on and in your caravan before you start your camping holiday in order to be able to enjoy a carefree and carefree time in nature:

  • trailer hitch
  • Additional mirror
  • Kitchen and toilet
  • Waste water tank
  • Possibly heating or air conditioning
  • Sun awning
  • Fly and mosquito net

Caravan heating: winter camping and cold regions

More and more passionate campers prefer camping in winter or in very cold regions. Just because of the numerous winter sports offers in the most beautiful areas of the world and the picturesque landscapes with the flair of a winter wonderland, a large number of tourists are drawn to the campsites of the world every year, even in snow and cold. Of course, it can still get pretty cold. But even on very cool summer nights, it is easy to underestimate the drop in temperatures. So that you are prepared for any eventuality and do not have to freeze on the way, you should definitely think about a caravan heater!

It’s best to have one at the beginning electric heating that you can easily set up in your caravan. This guarantees you a pleasant warmth in the entire room and makes your vacation in winter a relaxing and carefree time. Whether with gas or electricity, if your interest has now been piqued, you can find out more about heating while camping here.

Tip! If you are with the Roof tent If you travel, we recommend gas heating, which you can use in your awning, for example. This allows you to end your evening in a cozy atmosphere on the campsite despite the cold. Read more here Gas heating !

Electric blanket and heated seats

If you want to be even more secure and don’t want to catch a cold outside, you should get an electric blanket and heated seats in addition to your heating. While you are using a heated seat on your Camping chair you can sit outdoors without freezing, you can use an electric blanket, for example, in a Camping lounger or cuddle up in a hammock. Or you can use the two heating options to get additional warmth in your caravan or roof tent. Either way, your vacation shouldn’t fail because you are constantly cold, so you should equip yourself as best as possible in advance so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Alternatively, you can search for other accessories in the category here at the Campingwerk Heat rummage.

You have to pay attention to the following: driver’s license, parking space & Co.

Do you want to spend a relaxing holiday in nature with your loved ones? Even if you have a caravan, that does not automatically mean that you can drive it! First of all, it is not that easy to drive, steer and, above all, park a caravan.

First of all, you need a trailer hitch to easily attach the caravan to your car. In the best case scenario, you should start with one trailer hitch , suitable Drive-up wedges and maybe even one Maneuvering aid to. As soon as you have the appropriate driver’s license, have hitched your caravan to the car and stowed your outdoor luggage, nothing stands in the way of your camping holiday. Now you can plan your route and your stops individually, but you should always make sure that your caravan is allowed on the corresponding pitch or campsite and, in the best case, can even be parked free of charge.

Driving license class B trailer

Can I drive a trailer with my driver’s license? Which trailer can I drive with class B? In order to drive a caravan, you definitely need a class B driving license. Depending on the size and weight of the caravan, you also need a trailer driving license. This means that if your caravan exceeds 3.5 t and 750 kg, you must have a BE class driving license in order to be able to attach it to your car. Even if some people think that you can drive a trailer without a license, it is still extremely important to inform yourself in advance and to have the appropriate driver’s license or to do it before going on holiday.

  • Up to 3.5 t and 750 kg = class B driving license
  • From 3.5 t and 750 kg = driving license class BE

Different manufacturers & models – tips!

Of course, there are also different models among the caravans that differ in size, equipment and price. Depending on which route you are aiming for, how long and with how many people you are on the road, what driver’s license you have and what your budget allows, you can decide on a suitable model for your camping holiday. Here you will find recommended caravan models that are suitable for both beginners and families as well as experienced campers.

  • Adriatic
  • Fendt sapphire
  • Hymer Eriba Touring
  • Hymer Eriba Nova
  • Tabbert Da Vinci
  • Knaus south wind
  • Bürstner Averso
  • Dethleffs camper
  • Caracito vineyard
  • Sterckeman Easy

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